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Red Scarlet Mysterium X: A Comprehensive User Review 2024

In the fast-paced world of videography, choosing the right camera is paramount to achieving exceptional results. Today, I want to share my firsthand experience with the Red Scarlet Mysterium X Cinema Camera, a device that entered the scene in 2012 and has been making waves ever since. As a seasoned content creator, I've had the pleasure of using this camera extensively for six months across a variety of projects, from documentaries to commercials, and even a wedding shoot.

The Genesis of Red Scarlet X

Let's dive into the backstory of the Red Scarlet X. Launched in response to market demands, this camera aimed to provide an affordable alternative to Red's high-end Cinema cameras. Positioned as a 'B camera,' it quickly gained popularity for its impressive features. Now, in 2023, I find myself compelled to share my insights on its performance.

Market Position in 2023

As we step into 2023, the Red Scarlet X continues to hold significant value, thanks to its standout specifications. Shooting in a raw format, this camera offers videographers and photographers flexibility akin to working with RAW images in Lightroom. Unlike hybrid cameras, the Red Scarlet X remains a true Cinema Camera, boasting an array of controls and tools for a more cinematic shooting experience.

Personal Journey with the Red Scarlet X

Having owned the Red Scarlet X for six months, I delayed this review to ensure thorough usage. From documentaries to promotional videos and even a wedding shoot, this camera has been my reliable companion. Now, as I sit in Arkansas reflecting on its performance, it's the right time to share my thoughts.

Choosing the Red Scarlet X in 2023

In 2023, the Red Scarlet X's value remains apparent due to its unique specifications. The ability to shoot in raw format, coupled with its Cinema Camera features, distinguishes it from newer models. For me, it served as a gateway into the Red ecosystem, allowing me to learn and eventually transition to higher-end models.

Camera Build and Ergonomics

The Red Scarlet X is a robust piece of equipment, exuding a tank-like build. Weighing on the heavier side, it provides stability and a tactile feel. Despite its weight, I find the ergonomics satisfying, especially compared to its predecessor, the Canon C100. The camera's square design and side grip contribute to a comfortable and secure hold.

Red Scarlet X: Beyond the Camera Body

Beyond the camera body, the Red Scarlet X demands additional investments. Accessories like a side handle, top handle, and a red monitor enhance its functionality. The side handle, though not standard, proves essential for on-the-go shooting. However, the camera's fan placement on top raises concerns about dust ingress, necessitating regular cleaning.

Red Mag Cards and Power Considerations

The unique red mag cards add to the camera's charm, resembling sturdy hard drives. While costly, these cards offer reliability and ample storage. However, the original Red Volt batteries provided with the camera have proven inefficient, urging the need for alternative power solutions, such as attachable battery plates.

User-Friendly Features

Despite its initial intimidating aura, the Red Scarlet X surprises with user-friendly features. The on-screen tools, including focus peaking and exposure indicators, simplify shooting. The camera's customizable controls and presets streamline operations, allowing quick adjustments without delving deep into menus.

Footage and Editing Experience

The Red Scarlet X's prowess shines in its ability to capture 4K raw footage at 24 and 30 frames per second. While its slow-motion capabilities at 60 frames per second in 2.7K exhibit a noticeable quality drop, this camera excels in delivering cinematic 24p footage. The extensive dynamic range, reaching up to 14 stops, allows for impressive manipulation during post-production.

Editing Efficiency

Editing footage from the Red Scarlet X pleasantly defies expectations. Despite its massive raw file sizes, the camera seamlessly integrates with editing software. The fluidity of playback, even at full resolution, sets it apart from other cameras. The dedicated Red color corrector within Adobe Premiere enhances color manipulation, providing a gratifying editing experience.


In conclusion, the Red Scarlet Mysterium X Cinema Camera holds its ground in 2023 as a reliable workhorse for content creators. Its unique features, coupled with the Red ecosystem, offer a compelling choice for those looking to delve into high-quality cinematography. While it may not be the lightest or newest model on the market, its enduring performance and cinematic capabilities make it a noteworthy investment for serious videographers.


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