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The 90% to 10% Rule for Building a Successful Production Company

In the dynamic world of video and photography, the spotlight often shines on the final products, the captivating visuals, and the seamless editing. However, what many aspiring entrepreneurs overlook is the intricate dance that happens behind the scenes to secure those coveted projects. Forest Proctor, the visionary mind behind Epic Film and Creative, sheds light on the often underestimated aspect of running a production company – the 90 to 10 rule.

The Prelude: Breaking Misconceptions

Before delving into the rule itself, it's crucial to address a common misconception. Forest Proctor emphasizes that running a video production or photography company goes beyond the allure of crafting stunning visuals. It's not merely about shooting or editing videos all day long. Instead, the critical question is, "How do you secure the jobs that allow you to do what you love?"

The 90 to 10 Rule Unveiled

Marketing Mastery

Proctor introduces the 90 to 10 rule, a principle he didn't learn from a course or a YouTube tutorial but developed through hands-on experience. Simply put, 90% of the effort in running a production company involves marketing. This includes pitching, emailing proposals, distributing business cards, cold calling, and networking tirelessly.

For Proctor, networking and marketing are constant companions, requiring an unrelenting dedication to expanding one's reach. He emphasizes the importance of physical business cards, dismissing the notion that they are obsolete. In a digital age, these tangible cards serve as a bridge to the digital realm, a reminder that lingers long after initial encounters.

Social Media Symphony

Another potent tool in Proctor's arsenal is social media. Leveraging platforms like Facebook, he structures compelling offers, sharing them within relevant groups. This strategy not only showcases his services but also positions him as a valuable contributor to these communities. It's a delicate dance of adding value while subtly promoting his offerings.

The 10%: Bringing Your Craft to Life

With the marketing groundwork laid, Proctor addresses the 10% – the actual work. This is where the magic of videography and photography unfolds. The key is to make every project count, considering the demanding ratio of pitches to actual jobs. Proctor's experience reveals that for every 200 pitches or proposals, securing one job is a victory.

Building Long-Term Success

Proctor's insights extend beyond the immediate hustle. He stresses the importance of setting up automated systems for efficient communication and maintaining a quick response time. Additionally, he shares plans to bring in a sales expert, highlighting the value of combining domain knowledge with sales acumen for long-term success.

Conclusion: The Endless Pursuit

In the realm of video production, Forest Proctor's 90 to 10 rule serves as a guiding principle for those venturing into entrepreneurship. It's a constant juggle between marketing prowess and crafting compelling visuals. Aspiring creators would do well to heed Proctor's advice: always stay on top of your marketing and networking game, for it is the foundation upon which the projects you enjoy are built.

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