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Venue Brand Message Video

This 2-4 minute video provides a comprehensive view of the wedding venue, including details about the owner, cultural significance, and various amenities offered. It serves as an excellent homepage feature for the venue's website and can also be pinned to the top of all social media platforms for increased visibility.

Social Media Ad

We craft a concise and captivating 40-second video ad for the wedding venue that highlights its distinctive attributes, such as the owner, cultural relevance, and available amenities. This video will be used as a Facebook ad, drawing couples to the venue's website, where they can explore further details about what it has to offer.

Bride Testimonial

We intend to conduct a series of interviews with 1-2 couples to capture their personal experiences at the wedding venue. During these interviews, we will ask questions that delve into their level of satisfaction with the venue and inquire about their likelihood of rebooking. Additionally, we will ask them to share their thoughts on whether other couples should consider this charming countryside venue for their wedding and why. Our aim is to gather authentic and engaging testimonials that can be used to promote the venue's unique offerings and attract potential customers.

Virtual Tour Video

This 2-3 minute video acts as a virtual tour for potential customers. The video will include a smooth POV camera that explores all the different areas of the venue, as well as drone footage that showcases the property.

HQ Venue Photos

We capture high-quality photos of your venue, both inside and out, providing potential couples with a glimpse into their big day and showcasing the remarkable offerings of your location.

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